What’s open food-wise in Eastlake?

Update 3/20/20: Son of a Butcher is now offering take out with a 10% discount to boot Monday – Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Pomodoro is also now offering take out with a 20% discount Wednesday – Saturday 5 to 8:30 p.m.

Most restaurants in Eastlake are now take out only (or moving in that direction). A few have closed temporarily. It’s a fluid situation, so check the website or call the restaurant to confirm. (And let us know of any updates: editors@lakeunionwatershed.com).

Here is a quick tour starting from the south at the Hydro House:

Great Northwest Soup Company says, “Thank you for being patient as we try to move forward with a take out only system…”

Siam Thai Cuisine take out. Website does not appear to be working right now.

Eastlake Specialty Market is open (take out).

Grand Central Baking Company take out.

20 oz Tea take out.

POKE Square take out.

Le Messe take out.

Serafina temporarily closed

Cicchetti temporarily closed.

Armistice take out.

Eastlake Coffee Cafe take out.

Son of a Butcher No sign yet of what the plans are for Son of a Butcher.

Subway open (take out).

Eastlake Market open (take out).

The Eastlake Zoo temporarily closed.

Terry’s 14 Carrot take out.

Pazzos take out orders from 5 to 9.

Otter take out. The owner was just in the process of updating their sign for a St. Patrick’s day special, cornbeef and cabbage. Today only!

Mammoth closed indefinitely

Pecado Bueno 10% off take out.

Starbucks open (take out).

Pomodoro’s Their website says they are studying the possibility of having take out. Check back in a day or so.

Hamlin Market and Deli open (take out).

Little Water Cantina some take out.

Seattle Caviar open (take out).

Ta Nu Ra Sushi Kappo 10% off all take out.

Le Fournil open (take out).

Sebi’s take out.

Johnny Mo’s take out.

Feature photo: A-board in front of Grand Central Baking Company