Pocock Rowing Center turns 20 this year

Pocock Rowing Center turns 20 this year

In June 1994 the George Pocock Memorial Rowing Center on Lake Union and in Eastlake opened its doors.  The Center, at 3320 Fuhrman Ave. E, was built in honor of George Pocock  and is a state-of-the-art rowing facility.  George Pocock was a world-renowned boat builder, professional rower, and coach.More

Eastlake resident launches blog dealing with climate change

Long-time climate activist and Eastlake resident (and personal friend) Patrick Mazza has re-launched Cascadia Planet, a blog that will deal with climate change issues.

In his introductory post he writes:

In December 1994, back in the early days of the World Wide Web, a website named Cascadia Planet went live. … More