What did the woman in the tower write?

Well over a year ago Elissa Washuta was awarded a plum writing assignment by the city of Seattle. She became a writer-in-residence for the Fremont Bridge and moved her office into one of the draw bridge’s four towers, the one with a neon Rapunzel gazing out a north-facing window.

Washuta’s assignment was open ended – write something while there to commemorate the bridge’s centennial in 2017. So what did she write? She read the piece “Centerless Universe” at the downtown Seattle Public Library in February 2017 (included as pdf below). Another piece also related to her time on the Fremont Bridge was published in the on-line literary journal The Offing. Washuta had a growing literary reputation here in Seattle after graduating from the U.W. MFA program and writing two books. Her reputation is sure to grow, but unfortunately she no longer lives here. Like so many people these days, she was priced out. Sadly Seattle loses a creative talent, as Paul Constant, publisher of The Seattle Review of Books said of her writing, “No matter how prepared you think you are for Washuta, she’s sure to knock you over.”

Her works from the Fremont Bridge do just that.

bridge reading HANDOUT final edit (1)